BIOS Program


The Biology Intensive Orientation Summer (BIOS) is an elite research program designed primarily for 1st and 2nd year science majors through the School of Life Sciences. This program contains an advanced science curriculum geared specifically towards cutting edge research. At this time, any Fudan students, even freshmen with undeclared majors, are encouraged to apply. If you are not a freshman, you must have already enrolled in biology or have participated in the Honors Program of another discipline to be eligible.

Due to COVID-19, no BIOS for 2020. Please visit this page later for updated link to the call for 2021 applicants.


The BIOS program is designed to provide incoming students with a preview of the laboratory requirements of a B.S. in Biology as well as the pace and tone of cutting edge biology research. The BIOS program primarily focuses on lab sessions but also allots time for workshops that build science process skills such as data interpretation and experimental design. Participants will meet faculty, staff, and other senior students through informal sessions and gain study skills integral to success in a future science career. On average, students who have participated in this type of authentic research experience have higher final grades in other courses compared to their peers because they are better trained to think like scientists.

Words from the program leader

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Since 2016 BIOS, six modules are being taught yearly. In 2015 BIOS, mouse and fly genetics were taught in the Behavior Module.

Modules Instructors
Plant Biology Dr. Lin Li and Dr. Ping-li Lu
Biochemistry Dr. Jin-biao Ma and Dr. Guo-dong Ren
Cell Biology Dr. Liang Cai and Dr. Xiao-hui Wu
Mouse Genetics Dr. Bo-xun Lu
Fly Genetics Dr. Zhi-qiang Yan
Fish Genetics Dr. Yan Pi and Dr. Rui-lin Zhang

Course credit

BIOS will be operated as a 5-week course in the summer semester. The course will be worth 4 credits.

Honors program

Outstanding students in BIOS will be admitted into TSI. The Students who enter TSI will also be admitted into the School of Life Sciences Honors Program. Such students will receive a special recognition upon graduating and be eligible for a number of important benefits including international travel funds (RMB 10000-20000 for travel and 3-6 month lodging expenses paid) to do research overseas and start-up funding to start their own company. They will have their research and profiles listed prominently on this website, gain access to exclusive study room, etc.

Past events

2015 BIOS Modules Instructors
Plant Biology Dr. Lin Li and Dr. Ping-li Lu
Genetics Dr. Rui-lin Zhang and Dr. Yan Pi
Biochemistry Dr. Jin-biao Ma and Dr. Guo-dong Ren
Cell Biology Dr. Liang Cai and Dr. Xiao-hui Wu
Animal Behavior Dr. Bo-xun Lu and Dr. Zhi-qiang Yan

If you have any questions, please contact the program administrator.